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Tai Chi Tuesday: Five Days With Mark Rasmus

Posted on 3 June, 2014 at 0:00

Last year, when I heard Mark Rasmus was planning a workshop within a one-day drive from my house, the only thing on my mind was, "How am I going to get there?"

The workshop was held in a cabin built on 50 acres in the Smoky Mountains. Just being there was meditative.

Attendees of Mark Rasmus' workshops get an open book on all things martial arts and meditation. This is a man who has dedicated his life to practicing a variety of martial arts and spiritual enlightenment — and now he spends his time passing on that knowledge.

I have been lucky enough to attend three of Mark's workshops. By the end of each workshop, everyone is exhausted from the multiple Fa Jin practices. The excitement grows as each person in the room bounces their partners five feet away. The skills Mark teaches are the rare, true Tai Chi skills everyone seeks to obtain. What's more amazing is that Mark can teach this material in a weekend. 

Tai Chi practitioners who strive to add real skills into their Tai Chi toolbox, be it true martial skill or becoming more intuitive should take a workshop with Mark Rasmus. Find out more on his website, Science of Elastic Force, page, or "friend" him on" target="_blank">Facebook.

Categories: Tai Chi Chuan / Energy Healing