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Tai Chi Tuesday: Tai Chi Improves Stem Cell Count, Study Shows

Posted on 10 June, 2014 at 0:00

Practicing Tai Chi stimulates the body's production of stem cells, particularly beneficial to the aging body, according to a recent study by a team of physicians in the China Medical University Beigang Hospital in southern Taiwan.

The report, Tai Chi Intervention Increases Progenitor CD34+Cells in Young Adults, asserts that practitioners of Tai Chi produce more stem cells. 

Stem cells can provide replacement cells for diseased or damaged cells, such as Parkinson's disease, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and burn victims.

In the study, 60 subjects were divided into three groups: one group undertook Tai Chi, one group took up speed walking and a third practiced no exercise at all.

After two years of practice, researcers found the stem cell counts increased by 300-500 percent in the Tai Chi control group. Regular Tai Chi exercises helped the subjects with heart function, reinvigorated neural cells in the brain, balanced excitement and inhibition controls, and helped with mental trauma and nerve exhaustion, according to Lin Hsin-jung, a neural surgeon and head of China Medical University Beigang Hospital who participated in the study.

The report was published in the international medical journal Cell Transplantation. Click here to read the article in Focus Taiwan.

Categories: Tai Chi Chuan / Energy Healing